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Macaulay Carson Culkin (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor. He became widely known for his portrayal of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He is also known for his roles in Richie Rich, Uncle Buck, My Girl, The Pagemaster, and Party Monster, as well as Michael Jackson's music video Black or White. At the height of his fame, he was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple. Culkin was ranked No. 2 in VH1 and E!'s respective lists, the "100 Greatest Kid-Stars" and "50 Greatest Child Stars". Culkin was born in Manhattan and raised in Yorkville. He is the son of Kit Culkin, a former stage actor known for his productions on Broadway, and Patricia Brentrup, who never married. Culkin was raised Roman Catholic; he attended a Catholic school (St. Joseph's School of Yorkville) for 5 years before moving on to Professional Children's School. Culkin studied ballet at the School of American Ballet. Culkin was the third of seven children, five boys and two girls: Shane (born 1976), Dakota (1978–2008), Kieran (born 1982), Quinn (born 1984), Christian (born 1987), and Rory (born 1989). Culkin is the nephew of actress Bonnie Bedelia,

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  • secuDGan avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:52:24

    Photo of Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt of Macaulay Culkin. Wearception

  • konner jensen avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:30:11

    @SVFD243 @GrimsToyShow omg it really looks like Macaulay culkin

  • Ashleigh D. avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:23:09

    RT @D_Dandge: When Kanye had that gold blonde hair, he was looking like when Carleton when he was Macaulay Culkin on Halloween

  • Ray, Goodman & Brown avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:21:35

    RT @D_Dandge: When Kanye had that gold blonde hair, he was looking like when Carleton when he was Macaulay Culkin on Halloween

  • Camilo Nikolás avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:21:13

    RT @GuturaL_cl: Macaulay Culkin y Marilyn Manson en Chile #viña2017

  • BJ Pease avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:18:34

    @GrimsToyShow Is that Macaulay Culkin in the bottom row to the right with the blue shirt?!

  • Jeff avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:11:21

    It sure was a weird moment 30 seconds ago when I found out Macaulay Culkin was 36 years old

  • Mike O'Rourke avatar Feb-19-2017, 21:02:01

    RT @captainkalvis: Macaulay Culkin vs. Macaulay Caulkin'

  • Daniel Martinez Ruiz avatar Feb-19-2017, 20:58:32

    Home Alone es una película infantil estadounidense dirigida por Chris Columbus. Protagonizada por Macaulay Culkin

  • DartrisStone avatar Feb-19-2017, 20:42:59

    Michael Jackson & Paris Jackson, MaCaulay Culkin

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    Paris Jackson’s sudden split from bad-boy rocker ex, Michael Snoddy, has sent the 18-year-old blonde-bombshell into a tailspin and has exclusively learned that, to make matters worse, she has turned to her druggie Godfather, Macaulay ...

  • Through hell and back
    He went into rehab, but it was too late. In 2010, Corey’s addiction took his life. Macaulay Culkin was more popular than Corey, so his decline and fall was even more unfortunate and cautionary. At the peak of his fame, the young star of hit films like th ...

  • Did Macaulay Culkin Raise The Alarm On Pizzagate In Video Message?
    A new video featuringMacaulay Culkin has surfaced on youtube which he seemingly tries to tell the public about Pizzagate . Culkin was one of the world's most recognizable child stars in the early 90's and it has been suggested he is no stranger to the ...

  • Plies Loses License Over DUI Arrest
    Earlier this week, dash cam footage of the arrest made its way to the public. In the video, Plies is rocking a Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone tee shirt, and complies with most of the officers’ requests. Now it appears as though all the Instagram champ’s ...

  • Plies Was Arrested For DUI While Wearing ‘Home Alone’ Shirt [VIDEO]
    As you can see from the dashboard cam, Plies was sporting a Home Alone T-Shirt when he was pulled over. Besides the screaming Kevin McAllister, Plies was pretty chill during the ordeal. Macaulay Culkin appreciates the shout out, wherever he is.

  • I See That Carlos Santana Doesn’t Want To Feel The Full Wrath Of The Beyhive
    I think. But whatever he meant, he still awoke the Hive and before he ended up like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl, he backpedalled so hard that his calves are going to be sore for weeks. On Facebook yesterday, Santana wanted to clear up his opinion and ...

  • Big Baby D.R.A.M. - Cute
    Big Baby D.R.A.M. Talks Barney, Macaulay Culkin & More On Pitchfork's 'Over/Under' Big Baby D.R.A.M. & Travis Barker - Broccoli (Live on Conan) Big Baby D.R.A.M. Talks Touring, Rick Rubin & More On Vice's 'Autobiographies'

  • This Is a Mandy Moore Musical Appreciation Post
    My favorite of her roles is in the 2004 film Saved!, which dealt with religion, homophobia, and teen pregnancy, and co-starred Macaulay Culkin. Hell, I still sometimes fight off the urge to shout "I am filled with Christ's love!" while lobbing a bible at ...

  • Why child actors deserve more respect
    Perhaps irony is the biggest test of a child actor’s gifts. But look at how Macaulay Culkin disappears into the role of Kevin McAllister in Home Alone while also bringing a self-aware dimension to it. In the film, Culkin is asked to not only play a child ...

  • Alaskans offer mixed reactions to proposed income tax, Permanent Fund overhaul
    "Now we're battling drug addiction and irresponsibly spending down our savings," he said. "I don't like Alaska as analagous to a strung-out Macaulay Culkin. "I believe we should grow up, behave like adults, and contribute to our government through an ...

  • John Hughes: 10 essential films
    Protagonist Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin, who also appeared in the Hughes-written Uncle Buck) may be far younger than most of Hughes’ protagonists, but he more than holds his own when he is left behind after his family heads off on Christmas ...

  • Late-night roundup: Jeff Sessions is 'the human antidote to the Voting Rights Act'
    She went on: “Threatening to withhold money from sanctuary cities makes as much sense as Macaulay Culkin’s parents trying to dock his allowance.” On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert started by also taking aim at Jeff Sessions, referring to him as ...

  • It’s National Pizza Pie Day, so here are our favorite articles about pizza
    That Pizza Underground band with Macaulay Culkin is playing Hotel Foster this fall “Remember how you hated the idea that Macaulay Culkin was playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band called The Pizza Underground? Remember how a bunch of ...

  • Daniel Radcliffe Has Had Way Too Many Lookalikes Throughout History, And It’s Very Creepy
    It’s even more interesting when doppelgangers can be found across history, such as can be seen in this unbelievable image of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin next to none other than a young Vladimir Putin. One man who is no stranger to much older ...

  • "What The Hell Are Sanctuary Cities?" — Sam Bee Breaks It Down
    Bee put it more simply: "Threatening to withhold money from sanctuary cities makes as much sense as Macaulay Culkin's parents threatening to dock his allowance." Mayors all over the country have stood up to Trump and said they will continue to be ...

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