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Date of Death: Death Not Confirmed
Cause(s) of Death: Not Known
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Jason Molina is an American singer-songwriter, originally from Lorain, Ohio. He first came to prominence performing and recording as Songs: Ohia, both in solo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians. Since 2003, he has recorded either under his own name or with a stable line-up of band members as the Magnolia Electric Co. He has been inactive and absent from the public eye since 2009 due to poor health. Molina was born in Lorain, Ohio and attended Oberlin College. After playing bass guitar in various heavy metal bands in and around Cleveland, Molina made the decision to become a solo artist under an assumed band name, recruiting other musicians for each individual project as needed. He made several home recordings under various names, including Songs: Albian, Songs: Radix, and Songs: Unitas, which he distributed himself at live performances. In 2011 a note on the band's website stated that Jason Molina had to quit making music for a while due to a severe but not clearly named illness. Furthermore, the medical treatment had drawn the singer (who did not have medical insurance) into debt. His family, accompanied by the label Secretly Canadian, set up the "Jason Molina Medical

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  • Jason Cluck avatar Mar-30-2017, 19:12:31

    RT @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: Molina, #STLCards finalizing extension. Deal expected to be three years, more than $55M.

  • RevVargVargas avatar Mar-30-2017, 11:18:27

    I just listened to 10 hours of Jason Molina and existentially, I'm pretty sure that's what conjured all this weather.

  • EDW avatar Mar-30-2017, 10:13:05

    RT @bhhardin: @EmilyDWarfield And Jason Molina's "I'll Be Here in the Morning", an intimate solo cover of a Townes Van Zandt song.

  • Po. avatar Mar-30-2017, 09:55:15

    RT @JacobNoriega7: Weird ass niggas at Molina b

  • Brandon Hardin avatar Mar-30-2017, 09:53:06

    @EmilyDWarfield And Jason Molina's "I'll Be Here in the Morning", an intimate solo cover of a Townes Van Zandt song.

  • aikeart avatar Mar-29-2017, 20:34:13

    Cuando estoy en silencio emocional, las únicas voces que suelo buscar son las de Radical Face, Loli Molina, James Morrison, Jason Mraz y GP.

  • Megan Rosenbloom avatar Mar-29-2017, 16:28:25

    I knew I hit the nanny lottery when I overheard her playing Jason Molina's Riding with the Ghost on uke for the baby 😍

  • brian pillion avatar Mar-29-2017, 12:24:47

    Wherein Jason Molina becomes Jason Vorhees in a poem, for my offhand omitting the surname.

  • matte copper sphere avatar Mar-29-2017, 09:49:19

    another month, another jason molina song for me to become hyperfixated on

  • whiskey river avatar Mar-29-2017, 09:30:05

    The real truth about it is no one gets it right The real truth about it is we’re all supposed to try - Jason Molina

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