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Chrissy Amphlett Dead?

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Date of Death: Apr 21, 2013
Cause(s) of Death: Breast cancer
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Christine Joy Amphlett (born 25 October 1959 Geelong, Victoria, Australia) is the former lead singer of Australian rock band Divinyls. She is also known as Chrissy Amphlett. She grew up in Geelong as a singer and dancer. She left home as a teenager and travelled to England, France and Spain where she was imprisoned for three months for singing on the streets. In May 2001, Divinyls' "Science Fiction", written by Amphlett and lead guitarist Mark McEntee, was selected by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time. Amphlett and McEntee barely spoke after the band had separated in 1996, but resumed contact when they were inducted in the 2006 ARIA Hall of Fame, eventually announcing a new tour and album. Christine Amphlett met Mark McEntee at a concert at the Sydney Opera House in 1980, and together with Jeremy Paul (Air Supply) formed the Divinyls shortly after. After several years of live gigs in Sydney, they recorded several songs to be used on the soundtrack of the film Monkey Grip. Divinyls consisted of an ever-changing lineup around the core of Amphlett and McEntee, whose relationship was volatile throughout their career.

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  • quinton avatar Apr-25-2017, 15:37:01

    RT @AmphlettLane: Chrissy Amphlett Queen of Aussie Rock 4 years ago today our hearts broke, loved & missed forever 1959-2013 #chrissyamphle…

  • Sold Out Productions avatar Apr-24-2017, 06:38:10

    RT @jessicacadams: The Chrissy Amphlett dress in Hamer Hall, Melbourne. This is my rather lame attempt at doing the Chrissy hands-on-hip th…

  • #Divinyls avatar Apr-23-2017, 23:20:40

    RT @Iain_McDougall: 2013 DiVinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett died #OTD in New York #NYC @nytimes @NME @RollingStone @DivinylsLover @itouc…

  • Jim Campbell avatar Apr-23-2017, 09:35:52

    Sometimes I see a thumbnail and I think "that's from @WhoresofYore" but it isn't! "It's a fine, fine line… " Chriss…

  • Kane Shakespeare avatar Apr-23-2017, 06:35:13

    @SydneyCityTV Still waiting for them to do a Divinyls/Chrissy Amphlett miniseries

  • Bill Henning avatar Apr-22-2017, 09:15:14

    Chrissy Amphlett (25 Oct 1959 ♬ 21 April 2013)

  • Christy Fields avatar Apr-22-2017, 08:49:33

    Sunday Night Chrissy Amphlett Interview via @YouTube

  • Bill Wallace avatar Apr-22-2017, 04:36:30

    RT @c_j_andrews: Proud of this new @Nmbrstn track, a tribute to Chrissy Amphlett.

  • Mother of all Punks avatar Apr-22-2017, 04:11:43

    RT @MaskettaSnerty: The late Chrissy Amphlett 4 years today. My fave Divynls song

  • DrMasketta avatar Apr-22-2017, 04:10:48 The late Chrissy Amphlett 4 years today. My fave Divynls song

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