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Where were you when Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger or Amy Winehouse passed over? You don't remember because you were drunk.

What you do remember is that someone told you that a wonderful talented celebrity had popped off – and you mourned.

Inside you cried. Outwardly you exclaimed "OMG you are shitting me!".

You don't remember where you are when celebrities take the big nap. You remember who told you.

Someone tells you, you tell other people. Remember the feeling you get when you are the first to break it to your friends "Did you hear? So-and-so's deceased". Awesome.

Your friends look at you like you are a God. You are a God. You know more than any other person in your social group about a celebrity's mortal coil.

You will be the God of celebrity bereavement.

The only way to be the God of Celeb Death is to sign up for our Death Rumor Alerts (not even the most remotely trademarked) above. We will definitely, maybe email you when a boner fido celebrity karks it.

We won't email you when worthy people of note take a dirt nap. We'll only tell you when well loved, well documented, sometimes talentless celebrities take their final curtain call.

It's actually harder than you'd think to be the first to spot spot the demise of a celebrity. We monitor the Twittersphere (Twitter) 24/7 and analyse the gossip from all time zones. If we spot a mention of someone who has crossed over we use our (not even possibly could be patented) semantic web technologies to work out whether you'd give a shit about this person. If grief levels meet our threshold, and the potential checked out celebrity is famous enough, we will create a "Requiem Page".

On the "Requiem Page" we lay out why this person is a celebrity and why you should care. We will also provide "Feeds of Grief" (not trademarked either) that will give you a view of the World's out-poring of grief juice.

Caveat sounds a bit like cat and a bit like caravan. It amuses us to think of cats in caravans. LOL. In Latin is also means warning. If we were to add a warning to this website we'd probably say something like. "This is all a bit of fun. Don't take it seriously". We're not lawyers obviously.